Fees Policy

Crazy Capers Ltd does not hold the status of a charity. Therefore, our service cannot apply for any grants. Our service depends upon the income from fees of children registered to attend to ensure that the service is developed and sustained. If fees are not paid timely the service will not be able to run.


Confidentiality and Consistency

When collecting fees Crazy Capers Ltd will at all times treat all users of the service with consistency and confidentiality.


Registration Fee

Annual registration fee due on commencing service then 1st January each year = £30.00


Term Time Rates

Daily rate 3 – 6pm = £15 where specific days are contracted for each week.

Daily rate 3 – 6pm = £16 where days vary from week to week. (It must however be noted that where days are not contracted for Crazy Capers cannot guarantee a place.)

Emergency daily rate i.e. less than 48hrs notice = £30.00 per child


School Holiday Rates

Daily rate 8am – 6pm = £25 where child attends both term time and holidays

Daily rate 8am – 6pm = £30 where child attends holidays only

Emergency daily rate i.e. less than 48hrs notice = £45.00


Open 250 sessions per year. School Term Time and  Holidays.

Crazy Capers is Closed over the two weeks at Christmas and New Year.


Subsidised Places

Where a family has more than one child a reduction of 20% of fees will be made for each additional child. There is however no subsidy in place for breakfast club placements.


Method of payment

All fees are due monthly in advance. Standing order is the preferred method of payment however BACS transfers and Childcare voucher payments will be accepted. unfortaunetly cash and cheques can no longer be accepted.


Payment while not using the service.

Payment for the service must be paid at all times including whilst being on holiday and off sick.


Non notification of absence.

If your child is not going to attend the service please inform the staffing team on 0141 889 4404 before 12noon. Failure to do so can cause delay in collecting all children from school. Where parents do not inform the service prior to absence a charge of £10.00 will be made.


Late pick up of children

Crazy Capers will operate between 3 and 6pm term time and 8am and 6pm during school holidays. Where a parent is late in picking up their child/children from the service an additional charge of £15 will be made for the first 15 minutes with subsequent charges of £20 for each quarter of an hour that the child remains within the service. Obviously the staffing team would never leave a child alone and would make every attempt to contact the child’s parents in the first instance and then emergency contact numbers.


Retainer fee during school holidays.

A retainer fee of £20.00 per week per child during school holidays is charged for parents who only require term time cover. Should this not be paid it will be assumed that your child/children no longer require their placement for the next school term. Placements will then be offered to those children on the waiting list.


Contract termination time scale.

There must be 1 month’s notice given to terminate the use of the service or change the days of use.


Financial support from Working Families Tax Credits

Working Families Tax Credit can help with up to 80% of childcare costs. Please speak to Fiona Campbell or senior playcarer on duty regarding further information on the application process.


College /university payments

Crazy Capers can only request funding for days that the child’s parent/carer actually attend college or university. When using the service out with college/university term payment must be made by the parent/guardian. Where the College or University has failed to make payment to Crazy Capers it is their responsibility of the parent guardian to ensure that the fees due are paid.


Late payment fee

If fees are not paid by the 10th of each month there will be a maximum of three letters requesting payment outlining the amount of payment overdue, with the ultimate withdrawal of the service. An admin fee of £25.00 will be added to the fees owed with each letter 


Receipt for payment

When payment is made by cheque a receipt will be issued. A receipt will be given for each payment and a copy kept by the service.

Bank statements are the receipts for standing order payments.


Recovery of debt

If payment of fees are not paid the only alternatives for recovery will be passing the debt to a debt collection agency or the small claims court which could result in County Court Judgements.


Crazy Capers will revise fees each year on the 1st of January.

Any queries regarding fees should be made to

Fiona Campbell  Managing Director Crazy Capers Ltd on 0141 889 4404.


This policy was adopted by Crazy Capers on ………21st August 2007…

Fiona Campbell

Managing Director Crazy Capers Ltd.

This Policy was reviewed, up dated and readopted on 19/01/09

This policy was reviewed, updated and readopted on 27/01/10

This policy was reviewed, updated and readopted on 04/04/11

This policy was reviewed, updated and readopted on 04/05/13

This policy was revised and readopted on                             07/01/15

This policy was revised and readopted on 15/09/15 , 14/11/16 17/01/17



Fiona Campbell

Managing Director Crazy Capers Ltd.



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